2015 Sermon Archives

January 4th The Quest



January 11th Bridges and Nodes: the Shared Mission of John and Google by Emily Davis



January 18th What if God Calls?



January 25th Caulkers of Boats and Fishers of Men by Dawn Schubert (Video Here)



February 1st Cutting Kudzu



February 8th The Sound of Holy Silence



February 15th Not Ready



February 22nd Marked by My Love, Pride of My Life



March 1st Peace, Be Still



March 8th Where's Your Anger?



March 15th Must He Drink from the Cup?



March 22nd With Friends Like That



March 29th Hail to Our Chief Agitator



April 2nd Maundy Thursday Passion readings (Video here)



April 5th What's the Rest of the Story? - Easter Sunday 9AM  (Video here)



April 12th Being and Honesty  by Quinn Rosenthal - Seminarian



April 19th That Sacred Moment



April 26th Getting Over Yourself



May 3rd Come and See by Emily Davis



May 17th Jesus Prays for Us



May 24th That's Odd





June 28th Allen Mothershed

The Healing of Jesus' Daughter

June 7th Allen Mothershed

No More Excuses:

Remembering the Blessing

May 31st Allen Mothershed

Eternal Life Now

July 19th Rev. Dr. Terry Gallagher

That I Might See

July 12th Allen Mothershed

The Danger of Holding God Up

Audio Only

July 4th Becca Staton

Where Can You See Love?

August 16th Sally Miller

Walk with Me

August 9th Allen Mothershed

Inside Out:Accepting Pain

August 3rd Allen Mothershed

A Fallen Hero

September 6th Allen Mothershed

Praying:Practicing The Presence of God

August 30th Allen Mothershed

Judging From Inside Out

August 23rd Allen Mothershed

Put on the Armor of God

September 13th Allen Mothershed

Jacob's Dream:

Finding God in Unexpected Places

September 27th Allen Mothershed

Sabbath: Finding God By Saying No

September 20th Allen Mothershed

Moses: Finding God Through


October 4th Allen Mothershed

Lazarus: Finding God in Community

October 18th Allen Mothershed

Come Together, Right Now, Over Me

October 11th Tyler Spellious

Abraham & Sarah:

Finding God When You Are Lost

October 25th Allen Mothershed

Don't Worry, Be Happy

November 15th Allen Mothershed

Am I Included?

December 6th Allen Mothershed

Stand for Something

November 1st Allen Mothershed

Embracing Wealth

November 8th Allen Mothershed

The Blessing

November 22nd Allen Mothershed

The Law of Love

November 29th Emily Davis

Loving Justice

December 13th Allen Mothershed

He's Naming Names

December 20th Allen Mothershed

To Those Not Expecting

December 27th Allen Mothershed

One Like Us