Christian Rural Overseas Program (CROP)

In 1947, Church World Service established a "Wheat Relief Project" to help feed the starving in Europe.  Encouraged by the success of this project, CWS under the name of Christian Rural Overseas Program (CROP) issued an appeal for farm commodities for Europe.

Today, CROP continues to relieve world hunger and suffering by raising money through CROP walks in almost 2000 communities nationwide.  The walks are Ecumenical and Interfaith in nature.  Each spring many area churches, including St. Matthew UCC, participate in the Wheaton/Glen Ellyn CROP walk with volunteer walkers and sponsors.  St. Matthew UCC also sends a liaison to the organizing committee to help organize the walk.

Twenty-Five percent of the funds raised go to local agencies such as the People's Resource Center (PRC) and the Interfaith Food Pantry.  The remaining funds go to Church World Service and other international agencies for disaster relief and development throughout the world.