Marian Park

Marian Park is a low-income housing community managed by Mercy Housing.  The Facility is located nearby on Roosevelt Road.  There are about 210 residences with about 450-500 fluctuating members of Caucasian, African American, Asian and Hispanic origins.  The families and senior citizens pay a percentage of their income as rent with about 90% of them being employed.  Often times, they are recent immigrants, some single parents and may have health problems which have left them in need of financial assistance.  Since 1988, approximately 40 families have left this transitional residence community to purchase their own homes.




Every now and then, members of St. Matthew UCC will come serve and eat dinner with Marian Park familes. In the past, we have done simple dinners for senior citizens as well as a picnic and BBQ for the whole community.  

Christmas Store


During the Christmas season, St. Matthew creates a “Christmas Store” for residents of Marian Park. Church members choose items to donate from a “Giving Tree,” and these household items are then available for “purchase” by members of the Marian Park community. Items stocked in the “Christmas Store” include household cleaning supplies, personal care products, diapers and paper products, which are not eligible to be purchased under the federal SNAP program. Church members also assist in the “Christmas Store” for the one night that the store is open.