Our Church's Wider Mission

Our Church's Wider Mission (O.C.W.M.)

Although St. Matthew is an independent and self-governing church, it is part of the United Church of Christ (UCC) denomination.  Clearly, our mission dollars for remote mission activity (state, national, or overseas) can be spend more effectively if they are pooled with those of the other churches through an organization such as the UCC.  Thus, we participate actively with UCC components - The Fox Valley Association, the Illinois Conference, and program activities of our national church body.

Of particular note at the national level are the Board of Homeland Ministries, whose mission and work is concerned primarily within the United States, and the Board of World Ministries which handles all overseas missions and service.

Other important bodies of the UCC include the Coordinating Center for Women, the Office for the Church in Society, the Office for Church Life and Leadership, and the Commission for Racial Justice.

More than one-half of our mission general fund is allocated to OCWM, of which 57 percent used by the Illinois Conference (including FVA) and 43 percent is sent to the national office.  Special Offerings and occasional designated gifts supplement the annual amount budgeted to OCWM.  St. Matthew UCC believes that participation in OCWM is a significant outreach function.