Pennies from Heaven

How to Contribute Painlessly: Your Pennies Add Up

Several companies graciously work with non-profit organizations, including churches, to help with their fundraising efforts. St. Matthew UCC has registered with two of them. Please note that ShopWithScrip gives back the highest percentage.


If you order through these companies, they will donate a percentage of your purchase directly to St. Matthew UCC. All monies received from these programs will go to the church's general operating fund.


During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are not taking orders for gift cards. However, ScripNow! and Reloads are still available online.

With hundreds of companies participating, you can purchase your groceries, gas, clothing, restaurant meals, office supplies, home improvement supplies, and more with pre-paid cards from Great Lakes Scrip Center.  Retailers give a
% of the card value to St. Matthew UCC.



To see ALL retailers available through SCRIP, go to their website at, and click on "Learn More/ OurRetailers"
      at the top of the page and "View All".  You can also narrow your search by

Click on a store's icon to see more information on card denominations and

      other locations where it may be accepted.

If you find retailers that are not on the St. Matthew order forms below,
      feel free to write them in (be sure to include the card value and %). 

The order forms will be continuously expanded to include your
      favorite cards.

1.  The list of Scrip retailers is quite long.  Below are customized versions of
      the Order Form that contain an alphabetical list of those cards that
      St. Matthew members have ordered in the past. 


A. Print the pdf version of the order form, fill it out, including your
      name and phone #, and calculate the order total. 

PDF format: St. Matthew Order Form (.pdf)


​B.  Download the Excel version of the order form, fill it out, Including
      your name and phone #.  The order total will be calculated for you. 
      Then print the form.

Excel format: St. Matthew Excel Order Form (.xls)


2.  Write a check payable to St. Matthew UCC for the total amount and
      give the check with the Order Form to the person at the Scrip table in
      Dobstaff Hall on Sunday morning, after the service.


​Your cards will be at the Scrip table the following Sunday.

At over 1300 brand name stores, a portion of each online purchase is donated to your favorite cause. Your stores, your cause, their money. Order online and the retailers will donate a portion of their profits to
St. Matthew UCC. 




Register with iGive: enter your name, email, tax donation preferences, etc. and be sure to install the iGive button.


Click here to register.


Then just do your shopping!  It's that easy!


You will see this little icon on your browser bar.  You can click on the icon to view your favorite stores or check on your purchasing stats. For those retailers marked with the       symbol, click on the symbol to see their donation exceptions.


iGive will automatically track the websites you visit and indicate if they are a participating iGive retailer.  Some retailers may ask you to confirm that you are donating to St. Matthew.  You will notice a little page symbol on the bottom right of the webpage and you can click on it to see additional iGive offers and coupons.


Tell your family and friends about our iGive page: .   They can participate too!