Special Events

In addition to the educational ministries, we offer numerous special activities for children to participate in:

Birthday Party for Jesus - Each year we take a special day to have a birthday party for Jesus with a birthday cake, Christmas carols, and assorted activities.

Christmas Musical - The children of St. Matthew UCC perform a musical to help tell the story of Christmas and celebrate the season.

Lenten Activities - During the Lenten season we gather together to share in a family meal each Wednesday evening.  While the parents participate in the Lenten Worship Service children participate in Lenten activities.

Spring Musical - The children of St. Matthew UCC perform in a spring musical during Sunday morning worship which highlights the start of spring and the message of new life.

Missions - Throughout the year we offer mission opportunities geared toward the children's participation like school supply and toy drives.

Children's Choir and Handbell Choir - There are several opportunities for the children to join the music ministry through the children's choir and handbells.